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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 5:36 am    Post subject: Can landlord alter lease agreement in CA for cleaning? Reply with quote

I am moving out in 2 months after almost 2 years of residence. I recently helped a neighbor who moved out of town by doing the pre-walkthrough with the manager in her stead. It gave me pause to find out just what they charged her for. Not only did she not get her deposit or pet deposit back they charged her over $100 more. I am concerned I may not get even half my deposit back now. I have read the California renters handbook, but it's not very specific. There is no clear definition of "normal wear and tear" or if they can use vague terms and specify upon the renter leaving. I do know they cannot charge me extra for having children in the house (and the damage that comes with them), painting or moderate nail holes. They want to charge me for professionally steam cleaning the carpet. CA handbook says they can't charge for rewaxing the linoleum floors, but they also want to charge me for this. There is an old tub enclosure that for the life of me I cannot get it clean. I even asked management how they clean it and that didn't work when I tried it either. I have tried all kinds of cleaners and elbow grease to last resort using bleach. The lease agreement says the apt needs to be in the condition of when I moved in. It says nothing about professional steam cleaning, stripping of the linoleum and rewaxing or acid treatments for the tub. They have already said they won't accept me doing it myself because they'll just have a professional come in and clean anyway. Legal? Loophole? Do I have fight ahead of me or should I just clean and hope for the best?

Professional Move Out Cleaning
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